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  1. This Is What Pittsburgh Will Look Like In 10 Years

    PNC Tower Pittsburgh Skyline

    With help from the city’s government and like-minded supporters, the once post-industrial city of Pittsburgh has shifted its focus from manufacturing to education and innovation and has started multimillion dollar initiatives to make improvements.

    So what will Pittsburgh look like in ten years?

    A Pittsburgh-based initiative called P4 (People, Planet, Place and Performance) aims to transform the Steel City into a Sustainable City with plans to become a model for the rest of the world.

  2. The History Of 5 Pittsburgh Street & Community Names

    Pittsburgh is a city that is gifted with history. Every building, street, and community seems to have a story. What about the names of the streets we regularly travel on and the communities we live in? Negley Avenue, The Boulevard of the Allies, and Lawrenceville are all names that the residents of Pittsburgh are quite familiar with, but where did they come from? Who, or what, are they named after? We’ve explored the history of Pittsburgh to discover the stories of individuals whose names remain very present in the minds of the residents of our city.

    The Boulevard of the Allies

    Boulevard-of-the-alliesThis (mostly) four lane road that connects Downtown with Oakland is frequently travelled. It was dedicated in 1921 and was the most expensive road in the world at that time. After repeating a name or any word many times it has a tendency to lose its meaning. It could be assumed that The Boulevard of the Allies stands for nothing more than the road itself to many. This was not so for the men and women who chose the name in 1921, as World War I had come to an end just three years earlier.

  3. Can You Identify Famous TV Houses?


    You’ve seen reruns of your favorite show on TV countless times, but how much do you really remember? In TV, it’s common to use an “establishing” shot to set the beginning of a story. This might be a 3 or 4 second exterior shot of the main characters’ house or the outside of some other key location in the ongoing story of the show. In many TV shows, this is the viewer’s only shot at catching a glimpse of the exterior of their beloved characters’ home. Some less observant viewers might not even think twice about what the house looks like. We, as homebuilders, just can’t help ourselves!

    It’s time to put your TV knowledge to the test. If you’re a Netflix binge watcher, this might be the quiz for you. Some questions are more difficult than others, so take your time and dig deep into your memory! We know you’ve seen most of these shows, but what did the house look like?

  4. Pittsburgh Museums Guide

    Soldiers and Sailors Museum

    Museums are a mainstay of any city’s cultural scene, and Pittsburgh is no exception. No matter your niche or budget, Pittsburgh has you covered. But with so many options, it can feel overwhelming. Which museum costs the least? Which museum will adequately tickle my itch for preshistoric critters or modern art installations? If these are the questions that keep you up at night, know that you are not alone! Our Pittsburgh museum guide breaks down the best museums in the city so you can find one that will quench your thirst for knowledge. We’ve listed each museum in Pittsburgh alphabetically with an overview of what they offer, when they’re open, and how much they cost to visit.

  5. Best 2015 Ethnic Festivals & Food in Pittsburgh

    Ethnic Festivals Title Pic

    If America is a nation of immigrants, then Pittsburgh is certainly a city of them. Our corner of Western Pennsylvania has been enriched by cultures from all corners of the globe for over a century. What better way to celebrate our diverse heritage than annual festivals and celebrations? Here’s a rundown of some of the best ethnic festivals in Pittsburgh. Note that these are not ranked, but presented in the order you can catch them throughout the year. (more…)

  6. 7 Things to Expect When Buying An Old House in Pittsburgh

    Old Cabin at PittIt’s been over 250 years since Pittsburgh was founded in 1758. This city is old, and so are its structures! If you’re in the market to buy a house in Pittsburgh, you’ve probably browsed or even visited several old houses for sale in the area. Depending on their upkeep, some are in better shape than others. How do you know what to expect when you’re buying an old house in Pittsburgh? As local homebuilders, we have a few ideas… (more…)

  7. 2015 New Year’s Eve Parties & Events In Pittsburgh

    Don’t have any plans for New Year’s Eve yet? Look no further! Blast into 2015 by attending one of the best New Year’s Eve parties in Pittsburgh! We’ve sifted through all of the public holiday parties & events happening around the city and found only the best for you to attend on December 31, 2014. Details such as ticket prices, times, locations and more can all be found right here. (more…)

  8. Decorated Pinehurst Model Home Slated to Open This Weekend


    Kitchen_Morning-RoomWith over 5,800 square feet of living space, the newly decorated Pinehurst model home at Ironwood II in Southpointe, will open its doors to the public Sunday, December 14th from noon – 3pm.

    The home has four bedrooms, four and one-half bathrooms and a three-car side entry garage. The luxury features are displayed throughout the home, including a dazzling morning room, massive walk-in closets, an owner’s suite with sitting area and covered porch, convenient second floor laundry room and a finished basement with a must-see uniquely designed recreation room, wet bar, home office & media room.

    The community has been selling quickly – in less than a year, the community is already 50% sold out. The home sites at Ironwood II are private and spacious, all being at least ½ acre in size – most having magnificent golf course views as well. The community consist of two private cul-de-sac streets set inside the Canon McMillan School District. New homes start in the $510s.Mater-Bath

    The new Pinehurst model home is located at 301 Graystone Drive, Canonsburg, PA 15317click here for turn-by-turn directions. The doors will open at noon this Sunday. For more information, please call 724-871-1738 or visit

  9. Interior Design Tips for Your New Home

    Interior design advice from Heartland Homes in Pittsburgh

    The moving trucks have left, the boxes have been unpacked and the space is finally beginning to feel like yours. It’s now time for some new home interior design advice from some of the city’s most gifted designers. This collection of DIY articles and design advice is for homeowners who need transfer their personality to white walls and new living spaces.

    This is your home. Let’s make the place feel like it.


    Working with Color


    Adding color is usually the first step. Here are several videos with advice from Dee Schlotter, the National Color Brand Manager for PPG Pittsburgh Paints. Not surprisingly, this is some of the most popular content on our website.

    Painting the powder roomPainting the Powder Room (VIDEO)

    This video discusses trending colors and ways to make a little color go a long way. Her best tip, however, is how to take “dangerous” colors like red or black, and use them to add contrast without interfering with the rest of the home.

    Choosing Paint Colors for a Bedroom (VIDEO)

    It is important to remember that bedrooms are for sleeping. Will bright orange or fluorescent green help that? Probably not. Dee’s secret is to put big colors away from the bed so you get the personality without the distraction. Great advice!

    open-spaces-colors-heartlandThe Right Colors for Open Spaces (VIDEO)

    If you have high ceilings or a spacious family room, why not take advantage of them with colors that fill the home. Big canvases tend to inspire neutral, safe colors. But, as Dee explains, there are ways to add bigger shades without going too far!

    Selecting Trim Paint (VIDEO)

    This is another place where people tend to play it conservative. We see shades of white and not much else. This video shares ways to use exciting accent colors that add depth and variety to a home.

    Transition colors in a homeHow to Transition Colors in a Home (VIDEO)

    Have you ever been in a home where each room feels like a different museum exhibit? “To the right, you’ll see the East Asia collection. After that, you’ll enter the Renaissance room.” That’s what this video helps you avoid patchwork by using one color kind of flow through the home.

    Pick a Paint to Match the Wood (VIDEO)

    You invested in beautiful cabinetry that would look great with bare walls. But what if you want to add color that accentuates without detracting from the craftsmanship? This video has the answers



  10. How to Go Gluten Free in Pittsburgh

    Giant sandwich with lots of gluten

    Gluten-free diets are difficult in our notoriously glutenous city. Can you imagine chipped ham sandwiches without bread, pierogies without dough or Wholey’s without batter.

    “I’ll have a, well, salad.”

    But times are changing and Pittsburgh has become more culinarily accessible for locals with allergies. Even Eat ‘n’ Park has a menu for Celiac patrons.

    And they’re not the only ones.

    Many national restaurant chains are developing gluten-free menus. Karen Broussard, who created an app to help gluten-free diners, reminds us that this audience makes up a sizable market. She says that some estimate that gluten-freers make up 30% of the US population this year.

    “There are also more restaurants focusing on healthy eating in general, whether it be gluten free, vegan, raw, locally sourced, grain free, paleo, organic or non-GMO,” Karen said. “Gluten free baked goods have become extremely popular, too. You’ll notice more gluten-free bakeries popping up, and even mainstream bakeries and cupcake shops are now offering at least a few gluten free choices.”

    Signs of Gluten-Free Growing in Pittsburgh

    Jeanette Harris, owner of Pittsburgh’s Gluten Free Goat Bakery, is a sign of the evolution. She points out that people were hard pressed to find gluten-free options in Pittsburgh 7 years ago when she was diagnosed with Celiac disease, but supermarkets and restaurants are adapting quickly.

    “Now Giant Eagle has an allergy aisle, there are dedicated gluten-free bakeries and we launched a gluten-free subscription service that brings wheat- and dairy-free options to you,” Jeanette said. “Between all of the new products and a vast improvement in awareness, I expect great things for Pittsburghers with dietary restrictions.”

    Gluten free search volume on Google in Greater Pittsburgh

    It is important to remember, however, that a gluten-free menu is not always enough. A lack of knowledge in some parts of the restaurant industry and potential for cross contamination can both be an issue for people with serious allergies.

    “Gluten-free consumers need to be diligent in the questions they ask and know where gluten can be accidentally introduced via cross- contamination or overlooked in hidden sources,” suggests Amy Macklin, a local nutritionist for people with Celiac disease.

    Cross contamination could be something as simple as rolling gluten-free pizza dough on a surface also used for traditional pizzas or, depending on sensitivity, using the same deep fryer.

    Tips for Eating Out

    Amy Macklin and the other gluten-free veterans offered tips for eating out in Pittsburgh (or anywhere, for that matter).

    1. Understand gluten. Know that gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and (often) commercial oats.

    2. Call ahead. You can learn a lot about a restaurant’s sensitivity to your allergy before ever opening a menu.

    3. Tell the waiter, ask the chef. Waiters can’t help you if they don’t know, but final recommendations should always come from the chef, who is more likely to know each ingredient in a dish.

    4. Don’t feel rushed. Taking time to ask every question on your mind will save you more often than it should.

    5. Focus on the foods you can eat to minimize the feelings of deprivation. Plus, it can be a great opportunity to get back-to-the-basics by building a diet around fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, poultry, low-fat dairy and whole grains. There is a whole world full of flavors waiting to be discovered.

    6. Make up for missed nutrients. The gluten-free diet can be lacking in certain nutrients and careful consideration needs to be taken for those following this diet to prevent nutritional deficiencies. Wheat-based products are fortified with B-vitamins and iron.

    Additionally, National Foundation for Celiac Awareness has a printable list of tips and questions when dining out. It’s a great cheat sheet for people who are new to the process.


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